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The Key to Bringing Better Customer Experience to Healthcare is Salesforce CRM


Consumerism has joined the healthcare vernacular over the last decade. Despite this, many healthcare majors have grappled to realize its value because they lacked knowledge of how to integrate it into their existing business models or how to build and apply metrics to gauge the success of their consumerism initiatives.

As a leader in digital transformation for healthcare, ACI Infotech can provide you a comprehensive perspective on healthcare consumerism strategies. We can help you identify interests, drive positive outcomes, and provide a Salesforce implementation roadmap for all your systems.

Seeing patient care beyond a business

Like many other industries, healthcare has to evolve to meet the ever-growing demands of the digital age. The healthcare systems today are required to produce on-demand services starting from providing tools tracking patient data to developing applications that streamline office visits and test reports.

As healthcare consumerism proceeds to accelerate, health systems will definitely be challenged to find better ways to keep their existing and future patient bases satisfied and happy. These emerging pressures leave healthcare firms wondering how to address rising challenges while remaining financially and operationally viable in the long-term.

Desirable outcomes at every point of the care continuum

To make data more accessible to employees and patients, healthcare payers are looking for solutions that can be configured and deployed within months to meet their consumer needs.

Salesforce offers comprehensive solutions to address healthcare customer needs at all points of the care continuum — whether this means providing better patient and employee experiences, improving outcomes or increasing patient loyalty.

Can Salesforce take healthcare employees’ and patients’ experiences to the next level?

The following real-life use cases illustrate how healthcare firms can leverage Salesforce CRM to meet the growing patient demands and realize tangible benefits faster:

Use Case no 1:

Improve customer engagement through self-service

Solution Set: Salesforce Communities + Health Cloud + Knowledge of healthcare industry processes

Through the power of Salesforce CRM, patients and employees can use the Salesforce Customer Community channel to safely log into healthcare accounts while the Salesforce Health Cloud with rich back-end EHR systems integration and API structure will generate clinical and CRM data.

This provides greater transparency and enables a healthcare system’s stakeholders to view health profiles, clinical history, access test results, current care plans, send important healthcare related messages, fill out forms, update information, taking the services and customer experience to a whole new level.

Salesforce Knowledge can also be leveraged as a recommendation engine that serves up articles about preventative care, healthy living and other important personalized topics. The ability to access all this information from a single screen reduces the time spent on filling out forms the next time a customer walks into a hospital or clinic.

Use Case no 2:

Improve access through appointment reminders and self-service scheduling

Solution Set: Salesforce Communities + Kyruus + Health Cloud 

According to a Google report, 77% of patients use search before booking an appointment. However, healthcare payers have not enhanced their technology capabilities far or fast enough to meet rising demands. According to another international report, approximately 85% of healthcare consumers still book appointments by phone.

Typically, these bookings can only be made during office hours on Monday – Friday, whereas self-service appointment booking is available 24*7. The average phone call to schedule an appointment takes almost nine minutes — with approximately 30% of that ‘on hold’ time. And since healthcare systems are operating only at 60% – 80% capacity industry-wide, the lack of self-service choices results in delays, lost opportunities and poor revenue.

By integrating Salesforce Customer Community and Health Cloud in to an healthcare system, employees and patients can easily log in to their accounts through web browsers, access their healthcare provider or anyone else on their care team, and schedule an appointment with a doctor.

With the help of AppExchange solutions like Kyruus ProviderMatch for Salesforce, customers can use their provider identifier, book an appointment and look up their provider’s schedule. By automating this process and making it online, healthcare firms can reduce the need for manual, time-consuming phone calls.

Use Case no 3:

Pay and receive fees online

Solution Set: Salesforce Communities + Blackthorn Payments + Health Cloud 

A study led by TransUnion Healthcare reports that the patient financial obligations after insurance have approximately doubled from 2012 to 2018, due to the increasing healthcare costs and extensive shifts to high-deductible health plans to share costs with customers.

To reduce the potential revenue impact and enhance the payment experience for patients, healthcare systems are required to make it as easy as possible for customers to pay their bills. One of the effective ways to achieve this is to enable patients to pay their bills the same way they pay their other bills – online.

Through Salesforce Customer Community and Health Cloud, healthcare staff and patients can easily log in to their accounts and view current transactions such as procedures, office visits, prescriptions, etc.

Through AppExchange solutions such as Blackthorn Payments for Salesforce, customers can securely create their preferred payment methods e.g. credit card, debit card, etc. They can make payments on doctors’ visits, procedures, and take more financial responsibilities.

Ready to learn how ACI’s end-to-end healthcare digital transformation services and Salesforce integration services can help you deliver better patient experiences?

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