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Drive Your Data Cloud to Excellence in High-Stakes Workloads

Managing and deriving insights from vast volume of data can be daunting and slow, hindering business agility and growth. Snowflake's cutting-edge architecture unlocks the full potential of cloud-based economics and computational power. It offers speed, scalability, and efficiency to effectively handle the ever-growing data volumes. ACI Infotech, as a distinguished Snowflake Select partner, specializes in simplifying data ingestion and transformation. Our expertise enables swift access to analytics-ready insights, helping businesses thrive in the data-driven landscape.

What We Do

Revolutionizing data management with Snowflake solutions, empowering businesses with
scalable, secure, and agile analytics for informed decision-making and growth.

Advisory consulting


Taping into Snowflake's capabilities through our certified partnership to swiftly tackle data-related business challenges and expedite goal attainment, from enhancing performance to optimizing data analytics. 

Snowflake Implementation

Snowflake Implementation

Discovering Snowflake's full potential with a streamlined implementation, supercharging your data management capabilities. Elevate efficiency and insights, redefining how you harness and leverage your data. 

Managed Service

Managed Service

Maximizing your enterprise applications with Jade's expert support and flawless maintenance. Unleash their full potential, ensuring seamless performance and unlocking lasting value for your business. 

Data Warehouse Center of Excellence

Data Warehouse Center of Excellence

Elevating your data warehousing with ACI Infotech's Snowflake Center of Excellence. Unleash the full power of Snowflake, optimizing data management, and driving excellence in your operations. 

Traditional Data Warehouse to Snowflake Migration

Traditional Data Warehouse to Snowflake Migration

Effortlessly shifting to Snowflake, streamlining data warehouse migration. Ensure a smooth transition and unlock the potential of your data with a seamless shift. 

Connect With Our Experts to Unlock Your Limitless Potential

Snowflake Expertise

Multi-Cluster Shared Data Architecture

Empowering Snowflake's unique architecture to logically separate while natively integrating storage, computing, and services. This enables virtually all your users and data workloads to access a single copy of your data without impacting performance. 

Multi-Cloud Support

Orchestrating your data solutions across multiple cloud providers and geographic regions. Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of a unified platform, simplifying data management and ensuring consistent performance and accessibility.

Near-Zero Maintenance

Effortlessly establish data repositories and data warehousing solutions that can seamlessly expand and operate efficiently without the necessity for indexing, partitioning, performance optimization, or the requirement of a detailed physical storage blueprint. 

Continuously Load Data

Leveraging Snowflake's versatile capabilities to handle both structured and semi-structured data. Begin data ingestion by either utilizing local files, tapping into cloud sources, or taking advantage of continuous data loading through Snowpipe in micro-batches.  

Automatic Scaling

Initiating the auto-scaling of Snowflake's multi-cluster virtual warehouses with ease, as they seamlessly and non-disruptively expand without requiring data redistribution or rebalancing. 

Secure Collaboration

Safely collaborating within your business ecosystem by actively connecting with Snowflake Data Marketplace for additional shared data sets and services. Join a vast community of Snowflake customers in the Data Cloud. 

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