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Technology Partners


ACI Infotech has developed its retail expertise by collaborating with the top retailers worldwide for over two decades.

We support our clients in successfully expediting their digital business transformations and bringing about shifts in their approach to acquiring, integrating, and using cutting-edge technological advancements. Store design, online-to-offline consumer journeys, merchandising, and supply chain transformations are all encompassed by ACI Infotech's transformational retail IT solutions.

  • We help businesses move their AI/ML platforms from an external layer to the center of their retail operations. We also manage tech modernization initiatives like expedited cloud migrations or the transition from antiquated monolithic systems to best-of-breed and open-source goods or platforms.
  • Based on our extensive experience, assets, platforms, and relationships, we provide retail customer experience solutions that enable businesses to respond to retail challenges and thrive across various retail categories.

What We Do

Empowering retail evolution through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions,
transforming experiences and driving growth in the dynamic retail landscape.


Digitize Retail

Refocus your fundamental systems and procedures amidst the digital landscape while acknowledging financial commitments. The business processes and supporting systems facilitate analytics, cybersecurity, and dynamic pricing and promotions, fostering operational efficiency and competitiveness in the market.


Reprise Shopping Journeys

Enhance client experiences within a hyperconnected milieu through the integration of user-centric design, hyper-personalization, and associate-centric tools. These innovative solutions ensure clients can access after-sales support from any location and partake in guided shopping experiences within a mixed reality environment.


Store Management Solutions

Manage supply and inventory levels efficiently with the aid of store management solutions. These encompass vital managerial features such as customer profiles, fulfillment centers, refunds, accounts, groups, email templates, and drop shipping, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction.


Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Facilitate access to a diverse range of products sourced from multiple suppliers at competitive prices through our scalable online multi-vendor marketplaces tailored for e-commerce firms. These platforms empower merchants with various commission structures, including category-based commissions, optimizing profitability.


Payment Gateway Integration

Seamlessly connect with renowned payment gateways such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Worldpay, SecurePay, Braintree, First Data, and others through tailored payment solutions. The platforms readily accept various payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, electronic balance transfers (EBT), and mobile payments.


Custom App Development

Design immersive and captivating experiences for both Android and iOS platforms. Our customized solutions are specifically crafted to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses, providing innovative tools that elevate user engagement and propel digital achievements.

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