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Swirl Back to growth in TTH with Creative Pragmatism

Large-scale adjustments and developments are occurring in the travel, logistics, hotel, and transportation services industries. Advanced travel management tools and software have emerged due to the enormous communication and collaboration potential that the internet has unlocked. The transport software industry is developing concurrently while the supply chain velocity has experienced a remarkable increase. By coordinating information between trading partners and transportation service providers, expenses are decreased.

As a result, businesses are reimagining the frameworks, procedures, and systems that now surround transportation and logistics management, which has had a profound impact on both operations and strategy. Utilizing digital technology is intended to reduce costs, improve supply chain integration, and boost market share through consumer satisfaction.

What We Do

Empowering experiences with innovative solutions, enhancing experiences, and driving growth
through transformative technological advancements and strategic innovations.


Customer Experience Transformation

We excel in Customer Experience Transformation, providing top-notch services that maximize profit margins efficiently. Our tailored solutions are crafted to deliver high-quality results, ensuring a cost-effective approach to elevate overall customer satisfaction.


Asset Maintenance

Effectively allocate clinical resources, secure data transmission, and engage patients in real-time using ACI Infotech’s specialized telemedicine/telehealth software development solutions. We specialize in creating telemedicine apps for web and mobile platforms that allow doctors to interact with patients effectively and patients can access consultations on the go.


Cargo & Fleet Management

ACI Infotech's patient portal solutions seamlessly access patient information, expanding health information exchange and electronic health records. we integrate with clinical decision support systems for improved treatment. Our focus is on fostering a streamlined healthcare experience through efficient data retrieval and comprehensive support systems.


Warehouse Management

Allow patients to monitor the effectiveness of their diagnostic procedures and assist medical professionals in recording medical data in real-time for efficient care by leveraging ACI Infotech's mHealth solutions. Our specialists develop products that are ready for the market and map historical data, provide quicker analysis of medical problems and inform patients.


Contract Management

Improve operations by swiftly integrating procedures, tools, and data in a single location using ACI Infotech's specialized hospital management software solutions. By increasing supply chain visibility and communication in an economical way, our HMS solutions assist process owners in tracking, managing, and reporting on information.


Travel Management

Operate your business more consistently and effectively while also quickly integrating your devices, processes, and data into one location using the specialized hospital management software solutions from ACI Infotech. Our HMS solutions improve supply chain visibility and communication while keeping costs low, and assisting process owners in tracking, managing, and reporting on information.

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