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Technology Partners


Delivering the Next-Generation Digital Solutions for Sustained and Sustainable Impact

The energy and utility industries are undergoing a complete upheaval thanks to technology, which is enabling intelligent utilities, smart customer experience management, and creative energy management. 

Our revolutionary integrated service-delivery approach is equipped with all the necessary tools to be one of the market's most complete and well-liked offers, including tried-and-true processes and frameworks. Working with the top utility and energy corporations worldwide for many years, we have honed it, and we have a wealth of expertise in creating successful solutions for business applications, customer service and billing, asset management, front office operations, account management, and order management. ACI Infotech is prepared to assist you in navigating the complexity of digital transformation and being a disruptor because we are aware of the challenges organizations experience while implementing new technology.

What We Do

Powering the future with innovative energy solutions, driving sustainable
and reshaping the landscape of the energy industry.


Asset Management Utilities

Strengthen utility grid efficiency, safety, dependability, and resilience using ACI Infotech's solutions.


Customer Experience Management

Develop, manage, and implement innovative solutions for a real-time digital enterprise of the future.


Application Management

Reimagine IT using a service line model to enhance operations across the entire oil and gas upstream value chain.


Predictive Maintenance

Assist refineries and plants in identifying probable faults in critical equipment by utilizing ACI Infotech's top-notch maintenance solution.


Leak Detection Solutions

Effectively monitor oil and gas pipelines to reduce the likelihood
of fluid spills while maintaining the safety of the personnel and environment by adopting professionally created solutions
from ACI Infotech.


Fleet Management

Reduce risks, improve security, and optimize fleet operations with real-time GPS tracking and fleet monitoring using ACI Infotech's fleet management system.


Utility Safety & Operations

Ensure the security of occupational workers in utilities. The utility safety solution from ACI Infotech improves reaction times while decreasing accident rates.

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