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The core of our client business strategy is a platform to facilitate the “exchange of value” between clinically enabled provider and an empowered patient. An empowered patient fundamentally requires building trust between the patient, and everyone involved in their care from scheduling appointments, visits in the office and billing. To support these critical patient touchpoints, our client identified the need to streamline the patient’s experience within the centralized patient contact center by integrating disparate technologies including QSI (NextGen) Billing and Dental Records, MuleSoft, Five9’s, AWS and Salesforce and retiring others, like FogBugz


ACI helped our client to replace an aging case management system in 22 call centers with seven core languages. The project started with a Service Cloud Spark Session focused on improving customer and agent satisfaction followed by a six-month development focusing on implementing Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Chatter, and various integrations. All 5,000 users were completely transitioned to the new system in less than a year.


User Impact

  • 100+ additional users
  • 700+ dental offices
  • 5,000 users transitioned in <1 year

Comprehensive Service Implementation

  • Telephony
  • Case Management
  • Click-to-Chat
  • Customer Self-service

•Knowledge Management

Case Study