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Technology Partners


Modernize your Networks to Deliver Seamless CX

With the global implementation of 5G, the telecom industry is at the vanguard of transformation, and new opportunities for products and services have developed thanks to technological improvements brought on by 5G. OEMs and CSPs (Communications Service Providers) are investing in 5G solutions, AI-infused frameworks, massively scalable
cloud-native services, edge computing, and IoT in an effort to spur innovation and continuously differentiate themselves.

ACI Infotech has the expertise and key alliances with Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud, and Nokia to support our customers in achieving their growth and transformation goals at this crucial industry turning moment. Together, we update your business, restructure your networks, and greatly increase client loyalty.

What We Do

Global connectivity through innovative tech solutions, fostering seamless connections
worldwide, driving innovation and reshaping the telecom landscape.


Digital Transformation

Create and implement specialized network transformation plans in order to monetize network services, provide ground-breaking, high-value solutions, and expand corporate reach throughout the digital ecosystem. ACI Infotech helps telcos in the development and management of a more open network so they may become credible digital service providers.


5G & Edge

Maximize your return on investment while using digital solutions to strengthen your competitive position. We provide financial institutions the tools they need to efficiently manage compliance requirements and the complicated risk environment while delivering next-generation payment solutions that are appealing and


Data & AI

Transform your office processes from top to bottom to make them durable, lucrative, and future-ready. ACI Infotech assists in the establishment of centres of excellence, the setup of trade-as-a-service models, and the monetization of your platforms and assets to open up new market prospects.


Digital Networks

Make lending models for customers that are easier, quicker, and more individualized. ACI Infotech supports consumer and business lenders in developing seamless, digital lending experiences by automating workflows at scale, producing data-driven insights, and skilfully managing risk.


360 CX for Telcos

Adapt to the evolving expectations of your customers while increasing your market agility. To provide highly customized customer experiences, ACI Infotech works with customers to turn a product-led, siloed operating paradigm into a simplified, agile platform.

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