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Empowering Businesses with AI-ML Excellence and 30% Savings!

AI and ML technologies play a pivotal role as businesses adapt to uncertainties, yet many falter due to a lack of expertise, scalability issues, and a struggle to identify suitable use cases. ACI Infotech offers a precision, action-driven approach to AI-ML implementation, fostering organizational success and innovation. With an award-winning boutique of solutions, clients can realize up to 30% savings across all business functions. As a trusted partner to Fortune 1000 firms for over 16+ years, ACI Infotech aligns AI-ML priorities, providing tangible ROI and intelligent organizations. Their expertise, proprietary methods, and strategic collaborations ensure clients lead in the digital evolution.

Maximizing Business
Potential with AI and ML Solutions

Tap into the capabilities of AI and ML to drive faster business outcomes. Seamlessly integrate AI-ML technology components and insights into your decision-making processes and business workflows. Whether your goal is to create personalized customer experiences at scale or to infuse AI into every IT process for increased speed and efficiency, our solutions are tailored to unlock substantial growth opportunities. 
We offer end-to-end AI-ML services for both business operations and IT management. Our solutions expedite the AI discovery and pilot development process, empowering your teams with the confidence to innovate. Supported by a scalable AI framework built on a robust data foundation, incorporating pre-built assets, AutoML, transfer learning, MLOps, and synthetic data generation, we strive to minimize time-to-market and maximize the business value delivered. 
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Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning (AI/ML)

According to a recent survey by Deloitte Insights, 70% of financial services firms are using machine learning (ML) to detect fraud, fine-tune credit scores, and predict cash flow events

What We Do

Driving business success through bespoke AI-ML services, leveraging data insights to
operations, enhance decision-making, and fuel innovation strategies.

machine learning operation

Machine Learning Operation

Shortens the development process and increases the deployment velocity of ML-based solutions at scale. This is possible through the emerging software engineering discipline, MLOps.

Al on Cloud

Al on Cloud

Scales Al implementations seamlessly across all the top cloud providers. Leverage ground-breaking research, ethical Al standards, and agility that ACI Infotech provides to create and implement your own Al solutions.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Helps clients transfer their current quality control and quality gate processes in large manufacturing settings using computer vision technology. Includes real-time video processing, image identification, and visual classification of object nature.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Assists businesses in automatically processing huge quantities of text data using advanced texts, speech, and cognitive analytics, structured and unstructured data, and chatbots.

Predictive Analytic

Predictive Analytic

Enables businesses to use AI-powered predictive analytics to transform how their processes are run. To make the process of creating scalable predictive models simpler and faster, ACI Infotech provides a collection of software tools.

Predictive and Recommendation

Predictive and Recommendation

Automates decision-making processes, predict upcoming scenarios through probabilistic analysis, and customizes user experiences. Your best interests lie in maintaining market competition and acquiring more effective clients through recommendation engines. 

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