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ACI Infotech is a global new-age technology and consulting firm that helps people, and organizations run better, change faster, and grow bigger in pursuit of creating a wonderful tomorrow.

Our Services

Digital Applications & Platforms

ACI Infotech's Digital Applications & Platforms Services helps organizations increase engagement by 35% and employee productivity by up to 40%. To support legacy transformation, device, data, and API interaction, as well as autonomous application management, we leverage our unique framework, automation, and tool stack.
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Enterprise Applications

With ACI Infotech, your digital orchestration partner, revamp your back office, increase operational agility, and strengthen staff interactions as you transform your company through improved customer, employee, and partner experiences.

Data and Analytics

Harness data you had no idea you have to gain insightful understanding. Any organization may thrive and stand out from the competition with the help of ACI Infotech's data and analytics services and solutions. We find use cases that can help you achieve your business priorities, and we develop analytics solutions using the best expertise and tools for your requirements.

Cloud Enablement

With ACI Infotech as your strategic partner, you can unleash your cloud potential, establish a competitive advantage, and guarantee business relevance. To fully reap the rewards and value that the cloud may offer, we work with you to build the best approach to match your organization’s needs.


Businesses must anticipate change at the rate of digital technology and use dynamic applications that operate in an agile environment, supported by DevSecOps. ACI Infotech’s DevSecOps practices help organizations in overcoming real-world challenges like longer deployment times, poor team cooperation, difficulty adapting to change, and issues with security and quality.

Intelligent Process Automation

With ACI Infotech's intelligent process automation (IPA), you can connect your processes, people, and insights across the entire organization for breakthrough performance at reduced costs. Together with you, our technologists, practitioners, and advisers will create new workflows that fully utilize automation.
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Digital Experience

The professionals at ACI Infotech use research and strategy to connect data to design, systems to the narrative, and insights to results. We identify key moments in the journeys of customers and employees, and we orchestrate software, platforms, and initiatives to turn these high-value interactions into tailored experiences that boost business performance.
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AI-ML Services

Utilizing a complete strategy and roadmap to scale enterprise-grade AI for their organizations, businesses can benefit from ACI Infotech's AI-ML capabilities. ACI Infotech brings precision, action-driven approach to implement AI-ML strategies and promote organizational success and business innovation within your organization. Our award-winning AI-ML boutique of solutions helps our clients save upto 30% across all business functions.

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