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Now its Time to Transition to Digital Manufacturing

Helping manufacturers of today to digitize and modernize operations to exceed customer expectations

Through digitization, Industry 4.0 and, more recently, 5G are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Modern technologies like AI and ML have the ability to significantly increase productivity and connection when paired with cloud computing and analytics. Traditional production facilities can be transformed into smart factories with digitally orchestrated shop floors by leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology. ACI Infotech can assist manufacturers in attaining their vision of becoming a genuinely intelligent, connected, and automated manufacturing firm as well as in the move to a services portfolio as a business transformation partner to manufacturing enterprises internationally. 

ACI Infotech has expertise working with the top manufacturers of household appliances, medical devices, industrial, chemical & process, and automobiles worldwide. We have assisted these companies in transforming their value chains by utilizing our four strategic pillars of transformation. We can assist you in: 

  • Leveraging Industry blueprints, creating a strategy and roadmap for your Industry 4.0 journey
  • Offering software-defined and 5G-enabled edge services to create a "core-to-edge" solution
  • Using converged IT-OT infrastructure, the advantages of enhanced visibility, and asset optimization to combine heterogeneous systems into a shared framework.
  • Updating IoT devices with data analytics, AI, machine learning, and automation to improve data collecting and strengthen your organization.

What We Do

We design products and solutions based on our cumulative experience and
knowledge that promote growth and add value to the manufacturing sector.
Connected Experience
Connected Operations
Connected & Intelligent Enterprise
Lean and Agile Organization
Factory of the Future
Enterprise and Supply Chain
Establish personalized experience with channel partners, clients, and employees to enable contextual interaction.
Create agile operations by integrating and reconfiguring the supply chain, factory, and employees.
Connected and Intelligent Enterprise
Redefine and remodel the core to establish an interconnected and dynamic enterprise.
Lean and Agile Organization
Create a culture of product-oriented behavior that promotes better cooperation and quicker invention.
Factory of the Future
Uncover a brand-new approach for industrial manufacturing with the convergence of digital technology. Our design-to-value framework, fulfillment execution tools, shop floor incident reporting systems, and shop floor analytics are all part of ACI Infotech's Factory of the Future competency set.
Enterprise and Supply Chain
Manage industry consolidation, the complexity of the global supply chain, and variable commodity prices with the digital expertise of ACI Infotech in all top ERP and SCM programs. From creating roadmaps to designing, implementing, and maintaining IT systems, as well as managing back-office operations, our experience spans the entire gamut.

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