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Insight Driven Healthcare Elevating DCX

Fragmented supply chains, low-profit margins, rising R&D costs, and compliance demands
are just a few of the unprecedented issues the healthcare sector is facing. The solution is to harness the power of digital technology to automate operations, empower data-driven decisions, and accelerate innovation while assuring the lowest possible risks, inefficiencies, and expenditures.

In the dynamic landscape of constant evolution, ACI Infotech stands out as a frontrunner in providing cutting-edge healthcare software solutions, empowering all participants in the health and care network. Leveraging modern technologies such as mobility, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and wearables, we aid organizations in seamlessly shifting from traditional service models to a remote, interconnected system. Our goal is to enable personalized and efficient care in the rapidly changing environment.

What We Do

Crafting transformative wellness solutions, pushing boundaries to design innovative
approaches that redefine the standards of well-being.


Hospital Information System

Overcome efficiency obstacles and enhance speed-to-service by leveraging ACI Infotech’s HISs, which are highly integrated, scalable, and multilingual. To ensure the integrity of PII and PHI data across numerous compliance domains, our HIS solutions automate activities spanning clinical, electronic medical records (EMR), inventory, and administrative sectors. They are also HIPAA-compliant.


Telemedicine Software Development

Effectively allocate clinical resources, secure data transmission, and engage patients in real-time using ACI Infotech’s specialized telemedicine/telehealth software development solutions. We specialize in creating telemedicine apps for web and mobile platforms that allow doctors to interact with patients effectively and patients can access consultations on the go.


Patient Portal Development

Quickly access patient information to assist medical professionals in providing the best treatment with ACI Infotech’s patient portal solutions that serve as an expansion of health information exchange (HIE) and electronic health records (EHR). To foster improved patient-physician communication and enhance CX, we combine our solutions with various clinical decision support (CDS) systems.


mHealth Solutions

Allow patients to monitor the effectiveness of their diagnostic procedures and assist medical professionals in recording medical data in real-time for efficient care by leveraging ACI Infotech's mHealth solutions. Our specialists develop products that are ready for the market and map historical data, provide quicker analysis of medical problems, and inform patients of alarm signals.


Hospital Management Software

Improve operations by swiftly integrating procedures, tools, and data in a single location using ACI Infotech's specialized hospital management software solutions. By increasing supply chain visibility and communication in an economical way, our HMS solutions assist process owners in tracking, managing, and reporting on information. 


Healthcare Integration Services

Operate your business more consistently and effectively while also quickly integrating your devices, processes, and data into one location using the specialized hospital management software solutions from ACI Infotech. Our HMS solutions improve supply chain visibility and communication while keeping costs low, and assisting process owners in tracking, managing, and reporting on information.


Pharmacy Management System

Organize, monitor, and administer all prescriptions with a high level of accuracy, precision, and confidentiality using the pharmacy management solutions from ACI Infotech. We create comprehensive solutions that streamline management from the point of sale to the backend and include features for order placement, queuing and barcode scanning, and stock control, among others.


SAP Services for Healthcare

Establish a robust value-driven foundation for care based on smart technology by harnessing ACI Infotech's SAP services and solutions. Our expertise enables automated, insight-driven processes in four important areas, namely patient/provider interaction, evaluation and care provision, invoicing and compliance, and data integration. They facilitate the shift to patient-centric services while coordinating workforces with strategic goals. 

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