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Solving Core Business Challenges with RPA


The year 2019 witnessed a continued adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with businesses across industries reaping its benefits. With the increasing popularity around RPA and its uses, a large number of organizations across the globe are now considering RPA as one of the best options to improve the performance of their businesses. While RPA does not provide you a big green button that fixes all your business challenges, it helps remove a lot of headaches that hold your business back.

Here are examples of some common RPA use cases that talk about the processes that can be automated:

  • Automatically login into a system
  • Automatically navigate around multiple software, using menus and shortcut keys
  • Finding the right values from a computer screen by interpreting labels
  • Automatically reading data and values from PDF reports and placing them in data tables
  • Automatically inserting values into a capture screen by copying the user’s actions to do so
  • Reading emails and messages to understand the information they contain and their purpose
  • Automatically replying to emails and messages
  • Scraping information posted and updated on a Web page
  • Triggering a process in a system by logging in as a user and pressing a button or a series of buttons
  • Evaluating different pieces of information and deciding the next best action and corrective actions
  • Accessing information from multiple rows of an excel sheet
  • Adding information into an application
  • Logging in and inserting information into a browser-based application
  • Retrieving cfrom an encrypted credentials vault

Most Common Benefits of Using RPA

Boost Productivity 

Robotic Process Automation is best known for delivering a tremendous improvement in efficiency, which is crucial for businesses, as organizations always strive to do more with less, become more resilient, and boost profitability.

Reduce Errors and Improve Compliance

As a result of RPA bots performing the process right at the first time, they enhance compliance and reduce the cost of reworking on mistakes.

Improve Customer Experience

When the work is completed faster with RPA bots it lessens a customer’s effort, gets the work right at the first time, and turns the work around faster, enhancing customer experience.

Improve Employee Experience

One of the most important advantages of RPA is that it makes your employees free from onerous repetitive tasks, providing them the opportunity to work on more important and value-adding activities, thus improving their experience as an employee of the organization.

RPA Does More than you Think

RPA is a Business Enabler

RPA enables new business processes that were earlier thought to be too expensive to achieve with traditional ways. It helps create new revenue streams and provide insights that act as the key enabler for improved profitability.

Everyone wants their own bot first

Once your team understands that bots are not born to take their jobs, but to make their job easier and better, the team gets excited to leverage bots in their daily activities. This fosters a healthy competition across an organization for who gets their bots first, developing a culture of innovation and growth.

Even SaaS Companies & System Integrators Want to Use RPA to Solve Problems

Today, SaaS organizations leverage RPA to help their business partners effectively implement their software in different organizations. Bots help accelerate the deployment process.

RPA can help you solve your most complex business challenges with ease like never before. If you are looking for a low-risk, low-cost, no-fuss way to bring RPA bots to life in your business, leverage ACI expertise.

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