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Financial Service Company Standardize Centralize Quality Engineering

The Client is a leading provider of insurance and States. The company’s quality engineering teams are responsible for ensuring the quality of both internal and customer-facing applications, which include web and mobile apps, as well as administration, billing and reporting systems that employees use to support millions of customers. ACI Helps Leading American Financial Service Company Standardize and Centralize Quality Engineering.

Software quality is a critical initiative for the Client. However, with multiple business units running their own processes and tools, there was no single hub for all quality engineering activities, and no centralized governance, reporting and security platform to support all functional areas.

With ACI’s help, the Client embarked on a journey to centralize and standardize their quality processes, documentation, procedures, and tools (QMO)/Quality Engineering Center of Excellence (QE CoE)

How to ensure great customer experience? With consistent quality

ACI worked with the Client to perform a thorough assessment of their quality processes and outline the phases of their journey towards transitioning to a full managed services QE.

The transformation process focused on several fundamental objectives:

  • Quality Management: enterprise quality standards backed up by metrics and reporting focused on testers, test leadership, and executive leadership
  • Automation: frameworks and practices that focused on increasing coverage and automation velocity while reducing costs.

In the future, the Client plans to get to the stage of both run and change projects; automation is run in a centralized “factory”, with majority of test being automated (up to 80%); test assets, environments and data are fully standardized; and accurate and instant reporting is available for everything from application status to teams’ productivity

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