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ACI Infotech, a data and AI driven organization, is on a mission to address global business challenges with next-gen technologies to fulfill the traditional, transformational and future needs of clients across the globe. We are reshaping the global business landscape, redefining the business-models that supercharges growth with innovation at scale. Beyond providing bespoke solutions, we are making a significant impact, reimagining technology, and reshaping the future of businesses. We're passionate about fostering growth, nurturing talent, and delivering exceptional experiences that contribute to making the world a better place.

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October12, 2023

Unlock business success with "Mastering Business Success with Salesforce Reporting and Analytics." This eBook is your ultimate guide for informed decisions in today's dynamic landscape. Thrive in the data-driven business world.

September 28, 2023

Unlocking Digital Success: A Customer-Centric Approach is your guide to staying relevant in the digital economy. Learn strategies for engaging a global customer base, harnessing user-friendly tech, and using data analytics for personalized experiences.

August 3, 2023

RPA software streamlines tasks appropriate for non-intelligent applications. Despite gaining industry attention, its utilization is restricted by its relative novelty. The market is populated by numerous startups and small firms, offering solutions that are not yet fully enterprise ready.

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Results: Case Studies

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Using Data Quality App in Dynamics 365 for Data Accuracy

THE COMPANY One of the largest sustainable energy firms is a pioneering organization dedicated to revolutionizing the offshore wind industry. With a c...

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Optimizing Healthcare Applications for Scalability and Compliance

The Company The client is a leading healthcare organization dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enhance patient care and streamline opera...

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AI / ML Insurance Open AI

AI Boosts Customer Support Efficiency for Financial Services Leader

Introduction Our client is based in Dubai, UAE, the prominent financial services institution is a key player in the Middle East, addressing the financ...

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Open AI

Enchanting Pediatric Wellness: OpenAI's Pioneering Touch

Client Background: In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the intersection of technology and medicine has given rise to innovative solutions th...

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Google Cloud Platform

Expediting the Migration of an Outdated Data Warehouse

Introduction Renowned for innovation and commitment to quality, our customer has built a sterling industry reputation. Their vision drives their pursu...

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Google Cloud Platform

Maximizing Operational Efficiency through Advanced Supply Chain Visibility- GCP

Introduction As a prominent industry leader, our client specializes in delivering cutting-edge browser-based applications designed to streamline data ...

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Crafting Success with the Adobe Composable Commerce Edge in Business Scaling

Client Background: The client is a prominent Australian retailer at the forefront of trend-driven fashion, offering a diverse range of casual men's an...

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Tailoring Pet Care Excellence: Unleashing Personalized Product Recommendations through Adobe Campaign Standard

Introduction As a premier pet care industry leader based in Australia, this client specializes in delivering top-notch veterinary healthcare services ...

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Modernizing Enterprise Systems with Oracle Cloud for Significance

Introduction: Our client, a prominent global provider of voice communication solutions for trading firms, found itself operating in a rapidly evolving...

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Synergizing Operations: Oracle EPM Automates and Unifies Reconciliation and Forecasting Models

Introduction Established in 1995, our client stands as a prominent player in the energy sector, operating as a gas retailer and electricity generator ...

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