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The 5 Key Benefits of Microsoft Power BI you Must Know!


In today’s hyper-competitive world, all business decision-makers need to be updated on their business’ operations and market situations to make business-critical decisions. For this, they need a flexible, single source of truth that everyone can access. Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business analytics solution helping organizations to visualize data, build stunning dashboards and embed them in any applications. Its availability over a cloud platform enables you to leverage it for faster business growth without any infrastructure support or extra capital expenditure. Power BI is free from legacy software constraints and extremely easy to start with. One of the most striking aspects of this brilliant solution is that it enables end-users to create dashboards and reports by themselves, without any dependency on their IT team or database administrators.

Power BI Consists of: 

  • A Windows desktop application called Power BI Desktop.
  • An online SaaS (Software as a Service) service called the Power BI service.
  • Power BI mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Power BI service to view reports and dashboards. Your number-crunching, a business-report-creating coworker might make extensive use of Power BI Desktop to create reports, then publish those reports to the Power BI service, where you can view them. Another coworker, in sales, might mainly use their Power BI phone app to monitor progress on sales quotas, and to drill into new sales lead details.
  • Power BI APIs to push data into datasets or to embed dashboards and reports into your own custom applications.

Key Benefits of Power BI

Power to transform your business

With Power BI, the users get a knowledge of how to re-shape or format a piece of information in a creative way and how to fix errors at the source itself. Query Editor, one of the most effective and potent features of Power BI Desktop, allows you to have many customary transformations like modifying data types, remodelling by adding a new column, breaking and merging, and adding a query. These features, in turn, help the end-users in effectively formatting and visualization of reports.

Power of Interactivity

Interactivity between multiple reports can be realized seamlessly once you add multiple visualizations to it. To view visualization changing its output, one can simply click a bar on a bar chart. Power BI offers clarity and enhancement in structure, enabling businesses to put their reports in action by shredding off time in creating and analyzing them.

Advanced measure

The Data Analysis Expression (DAX) formula language is used throughout the Power BI solution. It works quite similar to MS Excel, but very efficient in eliminating the complications of the piles of Excel reports. Hence, with DAX, you can create your own metrics (like last quarter’s net sales) in Power BI efficiently and with a much quicker approach. It also offers an advanced feature (Quick Measures) to develop complex DAX expression like monthly growth, a percentage difference, etc.

Power to extract hidden information

The Insight option in the solution allows you to check the hidden information inside your data. Multiple charts are generated within the chart which possess the potential of providing more robust and effective metrics.

Excellent storage capacity

Power BI has the bandwidth to load and reconstruct millions of rows chart in a shorter span of time. Not only this, it also has the ability to compress the file without compromising on quality and performance. For instance, the total storage of a set of files is 420 MB, it can be reduced to 50 MB once it is uploaded to Power BI.

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