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The Best Ways to Effectively Illustrate Data Leveraging Microsoft Power BI


The ability to create powerful presentations that effectively convey the meaning of data and help your audience connect with the information in the right way is essential for any business today irrespective of its industry and domain. Adding Power BI to your toolbox helps you seamlessly synthesize best practices and team strategies, select charts and data sources and share powerful insights, explorative and interesting stories through visualizations that delve deeper into the stories behind your data.

Microsoft Power BI Highlights:

  • Cloud-based as well as a desktop interface.
  • Rich personalized dashboards.
  • Dashboards are an entryway to data sets that fuel reports.
  • Customized visualizations illustrating top KPIs on a ‘featured’ dashboard.
  • Have key metrics at a glance for improved monitoring of your business.
  • Real-time customization and interaction with data as it changes.
  • Get notified when certain conditions are met.
  • Consolidate multiple data sources to illustrate the data’s larger implications.

Here are the most effective ways to use Microsoft Power BI to help you better visualize your data.

Build Smart Dashboards

Decision-makers value clear and concise reporting that quickly tells the business’ informational stories, while data analysts look for a comprehensive, visual dashboard that can smartly organize information in one multifunctional place. Through MS Power BI’s rich dashboards and real-time visualizations of data that live on a freeform drag-and-drop canvas, the intelligent tool can be fully customized to support the data visualization needs of any member of your team as well as organization.

Enjoy the Power of Cloud

Organizations looking to improve productivity, foster team collaboration or boost operational efficiency and reduce costs can benefit from a powerful, agile, cloud-based BI solution that provides advanced analytics constantly. With MS Power BI running on the Azure cloud, users can connect to real-time data, which in turn, helps improve communication, collaboration and decision making. Cloud-based BI solutions provide a 360° view of your business units, enabling everyone in your organization to connect to numerous data sources, analyse, and take requisite steps.

Connect to Business-critical Data Anytime Anywhere

Colourful callouts are highly effective when it comes to utilizing data to tell a cohesive story about your organization. Microsoft Power BI allows users to easily connect and aggregate data from diverse sources, from inside the organization or in association with the third-party providers of business utilises. It incorporates the sources that matter most to your data story to effectively present a clear picture.

Access your Reports and Visualizations Everywhere

Stay connected to your important data and share powerful insights with ease at offsite meetings with the Microsoft Power BI mobile app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. View and modify reports and dashboards and anywhere, and take advantage of a touch-optimized experience and real-time alerts that are fully customizable.

Effectively Collaborate with your Co-workers

Receiving feedback on your visualizations is a vital part of conveying your data’s message. The Microsoft Power BI mobile application helps you easily collaborate with your teammates and generate insightful reports and dashboards, while receiving comments and feedback on-the-go. This, in turn, helps you get the best results.

Customize your Content and Visuals

Write custom visuals in Typescript in the Power BI reports that fuel your dashboards. Leverage the Power BI API to push data into a dataset, and reflect it in tiles on the dashboard and visuals within your reports. Be creative with your data integrations on an intelligent platform that’s open to experimentation.

Businesses of all industries today, consider this cloud-based business analytics solution indispensable for their data science-related works. When are you leveraging our Microsoft Power BI services to visualize and analyze your business data, with better speed and efficiency?

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