A Clothing Retailer enjoys improved Quote Processing with Salesforce CPQ​

A US based Clothing Retailer

Client Challenges

  • The client, a leading family-owned clothing retail brand in the US was looking to automate its Quote processes. The existing quote processing system of the company was labor intensive, time-consuming, and prone to errors due to less standardization.
  • The business development and sales teams of the company were needed to work smarter and more efficiently to accelerate lead conversion. The slower conversion triggered a lot of challenges including change in the client's requirements and budget. Such changes further complicated the sales process of the company

Our Solution/ Approach

  • A team of Salesforce experts from ACI deployed 'CPQ Salesforce,' a Configure, Price, Quote software by Salesforce that provides businesses accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. The team set up scalable processes to generate custom proposals matching with client's budget and requirements. Post-deployment we also trained their Business Development and Sales professionals on effectively leveraging the CPQ Salesforce to improve the response rate. The team also helped the client synchronize its sales and finance operations with CPQ Salesforce.

Case Study