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Application Modernization: Unlocking Infinite Potential For Businesses


In this digital era, AI, IoT, API-based, blockchain and mobile applications, etc., have become more dominant and pervasive. The advancements in networking and wireless technologies combined with high-performing sensors and top-notch computing capabilities provide great value to the business through smart IoT-based applications.

To manage the connected applications effectively, IT companies must focus on fit-for-purpose methodologies and processes along with the right functional skills and technology to efficiently fit the business needs. The function-oriented, traditional technology-based IT operating models need advancement to address the different features of applications used within an organization's landscape.

Application Modernization – Overview

The next-gen ADM features design, consulting, packaged software integration, testing, and operations development. However, these contracts' delivery and scope mechanisms work on a value-based approach focused on solving business issues and handling enterprise agility. The quadrant assesses vendors based on their capability to augment traditional ADM services, including new methodologies and emerging technologies. They give individuals and organizations the capabilities to incorporate new approaches for developing and delivering applications focused on better business outcomes.

Role of Application Modernization in addressing the operating model of business

1. Helps businesses deliver high-end customer-centric services

Application Modernization applications feature advanced systems which allow businesses to leverage real-time field info and data. The application management teams can use the methods to render agility efficiently for creating the outcomes desired by the Company.

Next-gen ADM improves the general governance practices for the digital age applications by increasing ROI, enhancing business agility, and promoting collaboration with business partners for innovation and delivery. It enhances the overall performance of the deliverables and makes the outcome more effective and customer oriented. With the right data set, companies can organize their teams according to specific scenarios and features of the products in both function and form.

However, to get the best out of Application Modernization, teams should be multi-functional and possess both back-end and front-end skills while focusing on the business outcomes. For a connected ecosystem to be more effective and efficient, distributed teams should be equipped with smart collaboration tools.

2. Efficient utilization of software development practices and operations management using agile methods.

DevOps (software development and operations) is a set of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools which integrate and automate the processes between IT and software development teams.

Next-gen ADM allows organizations to create connected landscapes and applications for evolving quickly in the business ecosystem. It requires both non-functional and functional elements. DevOps and agile practices can be improved with advanced software delivery lifecycle and automation, which help organizations meet market requirements and customer responsiveness.

Application Modernization applications also aid in improving software quality and security for non-functional application requirements so that the specific needs of the businesses (such as usability, security, performance, etc.) can be met adequately.

3. Next-gen ADM aids in building adaptable, scalable, and flexible applications.

Digital-age applications are dynamic. They require deployments and global implementations on a large scale with specific components, new applications, and features which are integrated and developed continuously to meet the emerging needs of the business, maintain technical consistency and align organizational activities with the updated regulatory framework.

Application Modernization allows customer teams to connect the partner teams with the clients and build a high-end collaborative ecosystem leveraging existing broker services, applications, and workflows for the business.

How Application Modernization generates growth opportunities for different industries?

Application Modernization in the life sciences and healthcare industry

The next-gen ADM suite provides multiple services and advantages to companies while enabling them to obtain compliance and regulatory-specific expertise. It is a unified delivery platform accessible to a diverse workforce with technical and domain expertise to manage product pricing according to the business's targets.

From boosting patient engagement to identifying potentially fraudulent claims through payer data analysis, Application Modernization-based solutions help in multiple ways and cater to the different segments of the healthcare and life sciences sector.

Application Modernization in the manufacturing industry

Application Modernization is present in various segments and subsegments of the manufacturing industry. Its different tools and solutions demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the different segments which eventually helps the customers in multiple ways in the form of solutions like automotive cyber security, AR/VR-based digitization process, and 3D Visualization.

Application Modernization in insurance, banking, and financial services

Next-gen ADM's systematic approach to transforming industry partnerships makes it an ideal solution for the insurance, financial, and banking sector. The industry's deal experiences and vertical-oriented partnerships are the major differentiators.

Application Modernization comes with various automation capabilities and an advanced product set that offer a distinct value proposition to industry partnerships. It helps create customized BFSI solutions through strategic partnerships and a micro-vertical approach.

Advanced ADM solutions serve as a new-age delivery platform featuring industry alliances for better BFSI engagements for the companies. This solution facilitates organizations with domain expertise and vertical-specific tooling needed to build a strong position in this space, To help organizations enhance their position in the industry. 


Businesses have become increasingly complex today, with more stakeholders and suppliers adding to the ecosystems. There is a need for a shift in the mindset of business leaders to get the best out of Application Modernization solutions. The combination of the duo should align with the IT strategic imperatives of their Company. 

Collaboration and strategic partner programs are important for businesses looking for proven solutions to tap into their true IT potential, which can help them climb the ladder of success. Organizations need to set dynamic IT goals to elevate their operational efficiency. Maintaining, developing, and deploying IT systems isn't enough. It's important to align IT solutions with the particular business goals of the organizations, and next-gen ADM is a perfect solution for the same. 

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