ADMNxtGen: Enabling Infinite Possibilities

An agile foundation for modern business applications

Are your IT efforts up to the challenges of the new normal? Start by modernizing your core enterprise applications.


Introducing ADMNxtGen: Application Development and Modernization Services for the digital age and beyond

Business-focused ADM Services that accelerate growth and support your non-stop drive to business excellence

ADMNxtGen is a full stack of Disruptive, Business-focused, Transformation, and Adaptive ADM Services, underpinned by a host of Organizational Assets and Enablers.

ADMNxtGen employs a targeted focus on business and transformation that is formulated around your key business imperatives. These business imperatives are crucial for optimizing your “here-and-now,” while innovating and disrupting the future, including:

  • Bringing efficiency, continuous improvement, and cost reduction
  • Accelerating your future change
    Optimizing and securing your application landscape
  • Aligning with your industry and business to create real value
  • Orchestrating change with disruptive IT models
  • Driving innovation with disruptive business models.

Here’s What Application Modernization Really Means—And Why It’s Essential Post-COVID

True application modernization goes beyond cloud hosting and microservices architectures. Get the right formula to modernize efficiently.

Tuning your business for performance and innovation

As trusted advisors, we provide end-to-end application modernization capabilities to help you move to a cloud-ready and agile ecosystem.

Our Service Offerings

Disrupt markets and embody the change, innovation, outcomes – and future – you want

Essentially, ADMNxtGen equips you with the ability to rapidly respond to change – or rather to embody the change, the innovation, and the outcomes you want for your businesses. It goes beyond reactive support and single-speed legacy application and infrastructure estate change. We completely transform your ADM and IT functions into valuable assets that are aligned to your business objectives – driving growth and enabling you to disrupt your markets.

Our Partners

Bringing together the best of our partner network to create a competitive advantage for your business.
We enable our customers to harness the power of the Enterprise Technology Stack at scale and transform their businesses through joint business objectives, investments, innovation and co-development with our partners