Service Monetization - Harness recurring billing and revenue management for the digital economy

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management

Boost the transparency of revenue management with scalable, flexible, and automated billing and invoicing. Creating the largest SAP BRIM/ SAP Hybris Billing Practice Globally.

Business Benefits of Choosing SAP BRIM

Our SAP BRIM (SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management) solution minimizes the billing and invoicing complexities for services businesses dealing with high-volume or complex requirements. We provide an easy yet much more efficient & optimised solution for existing/new BRIM Customers.

Offer your customers complete transparency when it comes to billing and revenue management. SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (SAP BRIM) is a perfect billing and accounting software to automate the billing cycle for your business and allow your customers to have a hassle-free digital journey with you.


SAP S/4HANA for BRIM – Key Benefits


Reduction in time-to-market

Reduction in time-to-market
for new pricing and service offers, decreasing from 6-8 months to 1-2 weeks


Reduction in Pricing & Offer Management cost

Reduction in Pricing & Offer Management cost pricing updates/creation launch in hours, not weeks and managed by Marketing/Sales


Decrease in billing and collections costs

As a percentage of revenue with optimized collections and dispute handling


Reduction in Revenue Leakage

Reduction in revenue loss due to limited billing and CRM solution and no end to end automated solution


Reduction in IT expenditures

As a percentage of revenue with a consolidated single solution and platform landscape.


Advanced Agility

Effectively configure multi-channel subscriptions by fully automating complex quotations and pricing of recurring subscriptions. 

Our Service Offerings

Deliver Optimized Billing Solution for Services

Increased Revenue Recognition

SAP Billing BRIM solution has traditionally been favoured by industries that largely rely on usage and subscription billing, such as Telecom, Media and High Tech. However, more and more industries are leveraging the versatility of this SAP Software, such as Auto, Retail, Transport, Manufacturing, and many more. BRIM’s end-to-end order to cash management uses a combination of SAP Sales Order and Management, SAP Convergent Charging and Invoicing and SAP Customer Financial Management.

Simplify the entire billing and ordering processes from the cloud. This is done by combining various billing streams to produce a bill of a single invoice.

Case Studies

Our solutions effect a business transformation of utilities enterprises

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