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Technology Partners


Embracing the Digital Era with Microsoft

Many organizations face challenges in establishing a reliable and secure digital environment for their business operations. They often struggle to ensure that their backend and frontend technologies work seamlessly together, and the reliability and security of their IT infrastructure can be a major concern. ACI Infotech's strong collaboration with Microsoft offers a compelling solution to the persistent challenges faced by organizations in establishing a dependable and secure digital environment.

What We Do

Driving business success with Microsoft's comprehensive suite of solutions, fostering
innovation, productivity, and growth across diverse industries and operations.

Microsoft Assessment & Consulting

Microsoft Assessment & Consulting

Elevating your business transformation, streamline IT solutions, and optimize operations with our team of certified, qualified consultants, offering comprehensive Microsoft solutions from every angle. 

Application & Development

Application & Development

Transforming the IT Environment through Modernization for Enhanced Performance and Adaptability, both Internally and Externally. Unlocking the Power of Innovation and Efficiency in the Digital Age.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Cloud

Facilitating a robust client platform by assisting them in transitioning to Microsoft Azure's cloud solutions. Empowering Businesses to Thrive in the Cloud Era.

Microsoft Manages Solution

Microsoft Manages Solution

Empowering our clients to enhance their IT infrastructure and minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through our comprehensive suite of services, including technical support and administrative maintenance, training,

with Us

Engage with us to craft innovative solutions, leveraging our expertise and your vision to achieve remarkable business progress. 
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Connect With Our Experts to Unlock Your Limitless Potential

Microsoft Expertise

Microsoft Azure

Empowering our excellent track record and 24×7 customer-friendly support, our certified experts demonstrate the capabilities needed to design, build, migrate, and run complex Azure environments at scale. 

Microsoft Power BI

Empowering fast, informed decision-making with our action-packed business analytics service. Convert data into dynamic visuals, explore on-premises and cloud data and scale with integrated governance and security. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Accelerating your business's digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This versatile platform integrates essential applications for Sales, Finance, Marketing, and more. Optimize operations today. 

Microsoft SharePoint

Strengthening SharePoint for streamlined enterprise content management, delivering consistent value and enhancing collaboration for organizations of all sizes. 

Microsoft PowerApps

Boosting organizational agility with rapid low-code AI app development. Modernize processes and tackle complex issues effortlessly.  

Microsoft Power Platforms

Harnessing Microsoft's comprehensive solutions for intelligent automation, low-code app development, and data-driven insights within a unified environment. 

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