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Succeeding With Business Integration In Finance


Our customer was established in 1930 in Jerusalem, is a prominent financial institution in the Middle East. With its headquarters in Amman, Jordan, it operates a vast network of over 600 branches across five continents. As a publicly traded company on the Amman Stock Exchange, Arab Bank plays a vital role in the economic landscape of Jordan and the wider Middle East and North Africa region. It serves as a crucial catalyst for development, trade, and economic growth by offering comprehensive banking services and capital support to its diverse clientele.


The bank had been operating with two middleware solutions, BizTalk and IIB, with only a portion of their transactions routed through BizTalk. To enhance efficiency and reduce IT costs, we recommended migrating all services from BizTalk to IIB. BizTalk facilitated connections for trade finance, credit card, and financial applications with the core banking system. Managing two middleware systems posed operational challenges. Their outdated BizTalk version required manual deployments, leading to application performance issues. Additionally, their use of VSS (Visual Source Safe) lacked the latest code updates, impacting future business development efforts. This migration aimed to streamline operations, cut costs, and improve system performance.

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