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Case Study

Accelerating Transformation: Non-Profit Radio Broadcasters with Azure Migration



Non-Profit Radio Broadcasters is a dedicated and community-driven organization committed to delivering informative, inspiring, and engaging content to its audience. With a mission rooted in service and a deep sense of responsibility, the company has been a steadfast presence in the media landscape. Operating on a foundation of limited resources, they have consistently sought innovative ways to expand their reach, enhance operations, and fulfill their commitment to their community. 


A not-for-profit trade association representing America’s broadcast radio industry, serving more than 6,000 member stations in the U.S. and more than 1,000 member networks, representative firms, broadcast vendors, and international organizations needed to scale back IT-related spending but wanted to do it in a strategic way that didn’t compromise the business.   

ACI Infotech had a long-standing partnership with the customer and served as its all-in-one IT partner, providing service desk support, IT security services, network support, remote and on-site support, cloud services, and more. 

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