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Case Study

Facilitating Effortless and Secure Integration of OEM Devices through Test Automation Solutions



Situated in the vibrant cityscape of Tokyo, Japan, our esteemed client is a prominent television station that has been a cornerstone of the media landscape since its establishment in 1959. The company boasts a diverse portfolio encompassing broadcasting, media and content, as well as urban development and tourism. With a dedicated workforce exceeding 1,300 professionals, the client stands as a pivotal player in the dynamic intersection of entertainment, information dissemination, and community development. Over the years, the company has consistently evolved to meet the changing demands of its audience and the ever-shifting media landscape, demonstrating resilience and innovation in its commitment to providing quality content and contributing to the cultural tapestry of Tokyo and beyond. 


Faced with the imperative of ushering in work-style reform and positioning themselves for future cloud computing initiatives, our client recognized the critical need to fortify their network infrastructure. The challenge at hand involved not only enhancing security measures but also creating a more flexible and adaptive network environment. This endeavor aimed to not only meet the immediate demands of the evolving work styles but also to seamlessly integrate with forthcoming cloud computing initiatives. The client sought a robust solution that would not only address current vulnerabilities but also provide a foundation for scalability and innovation, ensuring a secure and agile network infrastructure capable of accommodating the dynamic landscape of modern work practices and the demands of cloud technology. 

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