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Case Study

Elevating Revenue and Strengthening Partner Collaborations Through Seamless Real-Time Data Access



Based in the United States, our client stands as one of the premier multinational retail corporations, securing its place among the Fortune 500-listed companies. Renowned for its expansive network, the company operates a diverse portfolio of department stores, supercenters, discount stores, and various market formats. At the heart of its business philosophy is a commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into the retail landscape, with a primary focus on delivering customers an unparalleled and seamless shopping experience.  


In the face of the rapidly evolving retail landscape, the prominent retail entity found itself compelled to outpace competitors through a distinctive product lineup. The fierce competition underscored the imperative to broaden their existing product portfolio through strategic partnerships with new brands and vendors, aiming to diversify offerings and attract a wider consumer base. 

Nevertheless, navigating this expansion posed significant hurdles, as the organization grappled with a lack of technological prowess to gain comprehensive insights into transactions and seamlessly share catalog, pricing, and order data across a myriad of third-party vendors, as well as online marketplace and delivery platforms. 

To surmount these challenges, the client sought a solution grounded in REST API technology to facilitate seamless communication between applications and devices. Additionally, the solution needed to be fortified with SFTP capabilities to ensure secure file transfer and management. Furthermore, technical support was essential for proficiently handling both whole and partial product feeds, streamlining the intricate process of product management. 

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