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Expediting The Migration Of An Outdated Data Warehouse



Renowned for innovation and commitment to quality, our customer has built a sterling industry reputation. Their vision drives their pursuit of excellence. Through cutting-edge solutions, innovation, and a strong focus on sustainability, our customer is charting a dynamic course toward success. As we embark on this partnership, we delve into the remarkable journey of our client, a true industry leader that personifies innovation and sets the benchmark for excellence in the manufacturing sector.


A multinational networking technology manufacturer grappled with data management challenges on its Marketing Data Platform. The platform, housing marketing, web, and partner data, was initially on on-premises infrastructure. As data volumes grew and new sources were added, performance and cost-efficiency became pressing concerns. To address these issues, the client transitioned from Hadoop/HBase to Snowflake, requiring schema modifications. This migration enabled the company to harness Snowflake's cloud-based capabilities, enhancing data processing speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. The transformation ensures the Marketing Data Platform remains agile, efficient, and well-positioned to support the company's evolving data needs and technological advancements.

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