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Streamlining Legacy Platform with Dynamics 365 Data Centralization



A leading U.S.-based financial services firm offering investment and advisory solutions is setting new benchmarks in investment and advisory services, recognized for its unwavering dedication to precision and client-centric methodologies. Continually surpassing expectations, this company has consistently achieved remarkable milestones in revenue generation, elevating customer satisfaction to unprecedented levels. 


The company encountered hurdles in efficiently managing customer data and failed to track client interactions within a centralized system. In response, adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (D365 Sales) became pivotal. They initiated configuring and customizing the platform to suit their specific requisites, aiming to streamline Dynamics 365 data management. Concurrently, they pursued seamless integration with their legacy portal to synchronize data in real-time and amalgamate their telephony system with D365 Sales. This initiative aimed at harnessing the power of Power BI reports for in-depth data analysis and informed decision-making. 

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