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Enhancing Sitecore CMS For Manufacturing Solutions


Based in Braintree, Massachusetts, our client is a global leader in power transmission and motion control product design and manufacturing for diverse industrial drivetrain applications. Operating across 11 countries, the company offers 40 distinct product lines, including clutches, brakes, gearing, engineered couplings, bearing assemblies, power transmission components, and belted drives. These solutions ensure precision, safety, torque optimization, machinery component connectivity, reduced friction, and efficient power transfer in various industries like heavy manufacturing, automotive, and mining. Renowned for innovation and quality, the client’s Industrial Motion's global manufacturing presence continues to enhance efficiency, reliability, and productivity in industrial sectors worldwide.


As customer Industrial Motion expanded its website portfolio, they encountered a multitude of challenges arising from website diversity in technology, content management, and data integration. Their portfolio included corporate, market-oriented, and brand-specific sites built on various technologies like .NET and PHP, leading to technological heterogeneity. Integrating dynamic data from databases and third-party APIs across these diverse platforms posed significant complexity. Content managers grappled with content maintenance and synchronization, while ensuring a consistent design and user experience across various technology stocks remained crucial for brand identity. Growing websites increased routine maintenance and scalability demands and managing security across different platforms required continuous vigilance.

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