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Case Study

Empowering Growth for Life Sciences: Gaining New Insights with a Data Lake on AWS



A prominent life sciences and instruments company headquartered in the United States has successfully established a singular, reliable source of truth. This achievement comes through the strategic implementation of a secure and compliant data lake on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. By adopting this innovative solution, the company aims to streamline data management, ensure robust security measures, and adhere to compliance standards, marking a pivotal advancement in their information architecture. 


The organization grappled with widespread data silos caused by the multitude of ERP systems in place, hindering the establishment of a unified source of truth. Furthermore, the absence of analytical data across these numerous silos posed a formidable challenge for the IT team, making effective management a daunting task. Issues such as schema change tracking, data cataloging, and data access control presented additional hurdles. Compounding the complexity, the Change Data Capture (CDC) process was slow and infrequent, impeding the efficient tracking of data from diverse sources. 

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