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Automate Cancer Drug & Tpn Order And Manufacturing With Software


The Customer, a global pharmaceutical giant, boasts an impressive 80+ years of expertise and a staggering $15+ billion in annual revenue. Their core focus lies in supplying vital oncology, renal, and transfusion medical products, crucial for caregivers and patients alike. With a rich history in pharmaceutical research and development, they empower healthcare providers in their quest to offer top-notch care across a wide spectrum of settings, including hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and even patients' homes.


The Customer sought a unified solution encompassing both generic and non-generic short-lived chemotherapy drugs and TPN production (e.g., cyclophosphamide, 5-FU, cisplatin, and more), inventory management, client data, and direct sales transactions. The existing system was outdated, unreliable, and expensive to maintain, consisting of separate 'dispensing pharmacy' and 'total parenteral nutrition' modules requiring manual support and updates. It lacked scalability, hindering the Customer's growth, and relied on outdated methods like fax and phone for orders. Additionally, it did not meet the latest GAMP4 standards. Hence, the Customer requested a scalable, updatable solution that integrated modules, introduced ordering, invoicing, and reporting functions, ensuring a comprehensive system for oncology drug and TPN medication manufacturing.

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