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Life Sciences

From Fragmented to Unified: How a Pharmaceutical Giant Streamlined Contract Management with Conga CLM



The client is a prominent pharmaceutical organization that prioritizes efficiency and compliance. Equipped with a highly advanced IT infrastructure, the company integrates multiple systems to streamline its operations and enhance productivity. This focus on technological integration allows the company to maintain high standards in its processes, ensuring both operational excellence and adherence to regulatory requirements. 


The pharmaceutical company faced several challenges in managing tenders and contracts. Initially, they relied on four different IT solutions for key contract operations such as review, approval, storage, and price changes. This fragmented approach resulted in contract documents being stored in multiple locations—some in a shared drive and others physically in a secured room—leading to limited visibility into the contract lifecycle. Significant manual effort was required daily, particularly for contract renewals and expirations. 

Moreover, their existing contract solution did not integrate with their Salesforce CRM, causing inefficiencies. Employees had to manually input customer information for each new contract and re-enter data between platforms, which was both time-consuming and error prone. The annual contract renewal process, which involved preparing new tender documents from scratch, further exacerbated these inefficiencies, causing considerable performance issues. 

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