Nothing is impossible when everything is powered by Data

Intelligent Industry Ecosystem is leading the way towards a new era of networked, information-driven and autonomous value systems that flexibly adapt to changing operating environments and user needs



IoT-enabled products have touched every aspect of our lives. Whatever your industry and whatever customers you serve, the key to succeeding in the new world of digital is getting your best ideas to market. That means having a business case for IoT, as well as the right resources in place to move quickly and deliver value. Our team can help you identify and realize opportunities along the path, from idea to market—while navigating the complexities of today’s rapidly evolving technologies.

Pushing the Realm of IoT Potential with 5G

5G networks bring significant benefits to consumers, community and the industry as it provides near-zero latency, ultra-reliability, increased coverage and support for higher density of devices. Current internet of things (IoT) use cases can utilize the power of 5G to boost operations and efficiencies. While 5G adoption is still in its early stages, there is significant research, investment and trials across the globe to satisfy the near-term user demands.

SDN and 5G – The Next Wave of Network Innovation

Enterprises and consumers are demanding usage-based service models that are real-time, elastic and with low latency. The future of network innovation powered by SDN and 5G is poised to cater to these evolving requirements.

Our Service Offerings

Embed intelligence everywhere

Resilience, relevance and responsible business–balancing these three imperatives are vital for companies to keep pace with the accelerated rate of change and growth.

With our suite of digital transformation solutions, we create 360° value and empower organizations to be ready for whatever the future holds.

Through Intelligent Industry, we embed intelligence with an eye on the future of products, platform development, manufacturing and operations.
The goal–give leaders confidence that the changes they make to their tech today will be just as relevant tomorrow.

When intelligence has been embedded across the entire product and operating value chain, the opportunities are endless.

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Bringing together the best of our partner network to create a competitive advantage for your business.
We enable our customers to harness the power of the Enterprise Technology Stack at scale and transform their businesses through joint business objectives, investments, innovation and co-development with our partners