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Cloud & DevOps

ACI delivers a holistic approach to cloud transformation that accelerates a company’s move to digital-first business – from cloud advisory to build and cloud migration to management

Reinvent your business with ACI’s Cloud Computing & Integration Services. In today’s swiftly changing world, most of the companies truly understand that if they want to improve and increase their competitiveness, they can’t totally ignore digital transformation. Cloud computing and DevOps that are often touted as the vital ways can help companies achieve this needed transformation. At ACI, we understand this very much and bring together the expertise of the two critical elements of engineering and automating DevOps processes and managing cloud operations.

We assist companies to architect and manage systems for increased applications velocity. As there are many organizations today, who have adopted some kind of cloud solutions there are only a few among them who are able to maximize the huge opportunities that cloud offers. Be it the growing amount of pressure to accelerate the cloud adoption or the challenges that need to be addressed to beat the competition, ACI is your true partner in the cloud adoption journey.

About 73% of organizations say the need for speed in digital innovation is putting the customer experience at risk, according to Dynatrace Global CIO Report 2018

ACI’s Cloud & DevOps Offerings:

Cloud Strategy Development
Cloud Integration Services
Cloud Migration Assessment
Cloud Road-map Development
Cloud Business case Development
Cloud Environment Architecture
Cloud Migration Services
Cloud Application Transformation

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