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Case Study

AI Boosts Customer Support Efficiency for Financial Services Leader



Our client is based in Dubai, UAE, the prominent financial services institution is a key player in the Middle East, addressing the financial requirements of a diverse clientele. Specializing in an extensive array of loans, including home, automobile, consumer, education, and SME loans, the institution has established a commendable presence in various countries across the region, including Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain. Renowned for its commitment to providing comprehensive financing solutions, the institution's headquarters in Dubai serve as the hub for its strategic operations, contributing to its influential standing in the Middle Eastern financial landscape. 


The demand for an AI-driven solution arose due to the client's imperative need to streamline call center operations and alleviate the strain on agents. Inability to deliver optimal customer service stemmed from the overwhelming call volume, resulting in agent burnout. With approximately 6000 monthly inquiries on credit scores, bad debts, and loan restructuring, agents found themselves inundated. This inundation left minimal room for revenue-generating calls. The client sought a transformative solution to automate part of the incoming queries, alleviating agent burnout. This strategic move aimed to redirect agent focus on upselling, cross-selling, and fostering a sales-driven culture, thus transcending from a purely service-oriented approach.  

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Case Studies

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