Digital technologies and tools are transforming the transportation and logistics industry, helping create value and increase margins by providing a faster response to the ever-changing customer demand with the global supply chain.



At ACI, we truly understand the digital logistics at every step. The wide range of service that we offer, will help you become more flexible so that you can take advantage of the newer business models and opportunities, overcome the biggest challenges and find success against existing competitors.


Vital Step

ACI takes the vital step in simplifying the logistical process as it provides end-to-end technology solutions for all your business needs. Our technical capabilities and deep domain expertise in transportation & logistics vertical, deliver high value to the client by touching every aspect of logistics and supply chain management process.


Whether it’s managing the increasing cost pressures, accelerating process speed, improving tracking of processes or building new business models, ACI is redefining the way transportation and logistics companies benefit through digital technologies. We offer digital transformation and technology services to the transportation & logistics sector that includes our clients across railroads, air cargo, trucking, warehousing, distribution, transportation, freight forwarders, courier, parcel, ports, ocean freight and logistics businesses all over the world.


Through our deep domain expertise and technical prowess in digital, IoT, logistic & supply chain, blockchain, process automation and logistics management, ACI transforms every aspect of the supply chain for transportation and logistics business delivering high value for its clients.


ACI’s Customer Experience
solutions for Transportations & Logistics:


Digital Journey Assistant (DJA) is an artificial intelligence-powered solution which enables businesses to manage and optimize customer engagement across digital touch points.

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With decades of expertise in managing data and analytics, and a solid know-how of the processes and requirements of varied industry verticals, we serve businesses of all sizes from several industries.


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