We help telecom, media and entertainment organizations stay ahead by determining new revenue models and leveraging digital technologies such as machine learning, big data analytics, mobility, cloud, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and internet of things (IoT).


Digital Solutions

From new regulations and industry remodeling to increased customer receptivity and intense competition – the telecom, media and entertainment industry is faced with a complex and dynamic business environment. We collaborate with telecom, media & entertainment clients to provide high-performance digital solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges.


Deliver The Best User Experience

Our communications platform target the Business, Operational and Assurance issues within the quote-to-cash cycle to deliver the best user experience, win new customers, enhance brand engagement, retain existing customers, and reduce IT operations expenses.

Areas We Cover:

  • supply-chain

    Digital Supply Chain

  • intellectual-property

    Intellectual Property

  • user-experience (1)

    Customer Experience (CX)

  • analytics (1)

    Business Intelligence (BI)

Digital Supply Chain

  • Manage media delivery from creation through distribution, using this fully digital infrastructure.

Intellectual Property

  • Control the IP life-cycle, including contracts, rights and compliance.

Customer Experience (CX)

  • Integrate cross-platform digital interfaces to align with consumer behavior.

Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Leverage data and analytics with increased targeting and performance.

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ACI is a strategic partner of global clients for managing complex industry-specific processes that impact their bottom-line. An end-to-end vertical approach to service delivery, technology-led solutions and a client-centric approach enable us to deliver business value to these clients who hail from diverse industries.


ISO/IEC 27001


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Areas in which we Provide Solutions

  • Reliability Engineering & Management
  • Pre-built Digital Solution Frameworks
  • Digital and Business Transformation
  • End-to-End IT & Cloud Consulting
  • Intelligent Applications Development and System Integration
  • Legacy Maintenance and Modernization
  • Systems, Data and feeds Integration
  • Enterprise Services and Solutions
  • IT Infrastructure Managed Services

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