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Top global Insurer Implements Salesforce to Organize Complex Customer Data

Upgrading the existing CRM system to reduce Fragmentation and boost customer experience.

The Company

This case study features a leading global insurer that restructures its complex customer data with the help of Salesforce. The company connects its agents with other like-minded businesses, provides industry expertise, and gives them access to specific solutions for their clients. Salesforce provides the company with a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system to store and structure its complex customer data. 

Business Challenges

The company has been leading globally in the Insurance business for decades. However, the following challenges needed to be resolved for them to sow to greater heights.

  • Their functional, technological, or security needs were compromised by the use of Siebel v7.7 CRM.
  • Difficulty in Configuring the new system based on new business requirements and avoiding customizations.
  • There were no data interfaces available to launch the new system.
  • The need for regular and intensive support for smooth operations.

The company needed ways to synchronize its data for better operability. See how this customer used Salesforce to maintain insurance information with precision and accuracy.

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