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  • The leading UK-based pharmaceutical company..

The leading UK-based pharmaceutical company improves its content collaboration for seamless Data Management by deploying ECM system developed by ACI Infotech​

A leading UK-based Pharmaceutical Company 

Goals/ Challenges


  • The company was managing the content such as engineering drawings, documents, and data at multiple locations, which was posing a problem of duplication, retrieval, and presentation, leading to constant errors and rework.
  • They were looking to implement an engineering content management (ECM) system that can manage the storage, creation, and modification of the above data as well as replace the data, being utilized at several WREF and GMS locations.

Business Problem

  • The drawing management system that was being utilized in WREF at GSK is SmarTeam, which was not a feasible one, posing several problems such as delayed data retrieval, data mismatch, and inconsistencies.

Our Solution/ Approach


  • The client after evaluating and assessing several vendors had selected ACI Infotech to implement the ECM project, considering that we had implemented similar projects for other clients.
  • After understanding the client's current infrastructure and content management system, we had drawn out an action plan, had multiple discussions with our client and deployed 10 resources at the client location to kick start the implementation process.

As part of our implementation process, we had accomplished the following set of activities:

  • Extracted data from SmarTeam Production system using BO Desk! reports into excel spreadsheets and sent it for data validation and cleansing
  • Loaded cleansed data into Oracle tables and validated the data translation rules O Sent erroneous data for cleansing
  • Provided cleansed data from Oracle tables into excel spreadsheets to migrate data into Smart Plant Foundation
  • The environment included SAP BO XI 3.1, Universe and Web! Reports, Oracle 9i, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, and TOAD Oracle SQL Editor.

Case Study