SAP CRM, ERMS integrations

  • SAP ERMS,CRM needed complete data integration between various LES applications
  • As indicated in the ERMS Configuration provided by the ERP team leads, Lincoln Electric System’s (LES) current software development, support and maintenance priorities include:
  • Develop a new data flow and storage of the public facing web application in the web site as per the guidance of ERP team Patrick and Tasha, DBA Clayton
  • Updating the layout, web controls and functionality of all the web application in
  • Consolidation of the data storage from all web applications to the new tables Requests_tbl, Move_in_move_out.
  • Web forms changes as per the guidance from ERMS configuration document and sharepoint task lists.
  • Development of Les_com_post , windows application that runs as scheduled task to post the data from oracom -> Requests_tbl, Move_in_Moveout_tbl as Http post-> web_client to the SAP ERMS exposed web services.
  • Develop and Support QAS, make the changes as per UAT, provide support and deliver the updates to the Production as per Schedule
  • APIs developed and tested in conjunction with SAP team to consume data from more than 7 application in LES.
  • Various changes in data,business layers implemented
  • Integration with SAP deployed and signed off.
  • Testing,UAT and final production. Training to the engineers to utilize new modules
  • Complete refactoring of major application to integrate SAP ERMS
  • Engineers are able to avoid dual entry in various applications
  • Back office and top management have utmost clarity of the integrated data.
SAP CRM,ERMS integrations

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