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Case Study

Optimizing Gujarat's Real Estate Team: A Document Management Success Story



The client sought an integrated solution to enhance operational efficiency and consolidate digital documents in a unified repository. Turning to us, they envisioned the creation of a robust document management system. This initiative aimed to streamline processes and centralize document storage, providing a singular, organized hub for their data. Our collaboration was sparked by their need for a comprehensive system that not only simplifies workflows but also ensures the secure and efficient management of digitized documents.


The client grappled with manual document handling, impeding business processes and consuming valuable resources. Several challenges emerged, including the management of over 5000 property papers scattered across multiple physical locations. The client faced intricate tasks during property transactions, involving the preparation, verification, and submission of various documents to stakeholders and government entities. Parking physical documents with standardized nomenclature posed difficulties, and real-time retrieval was time-consuming. Frequent handling of physical documents resulted in damage, reduced paper lifespan, and heightened theft risks. The extensive paperwork required for sales, purchases, and reviews escalated costs, while the cumbersome task of maintaining multiple versions of property documents proved tiresome with the assistance of real estate IT consulting. 

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