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Case Study

Revamping Law Enforcement Systems: Modernizing Legacy Apps and Databases



Based in Redwood City, California, our client is a venerable law enforcement agency with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1856. With a steadfast commitment to safeguarding lives, upholding state laws, and preventing crime, this agency stands as a stalwart defender of public safety and order. Beyond its core responsibilities, the agency actively engages in supporting youth development initiatives, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to community welfare. By intertwining tradition and innovation, this law enforcement agency remains dedicated to its timeless mission while evolving to meet the dynamic challenges of modern society.


The law enforcement agency, in the course of its operations, manages multiple correctional facilities overseen by its corrections division, which administers diverse alternative sentencing programs. These innovative initiatives, designed to provide constructive alternatives to conventional incarceration, underscore the agency's commitment to progressive and community-oriented justice. One notable program within this framework is the Sheriff's Work Program (SWP), a forward-thinking approach tailored for low-risk, minimum-security offenders. Rather than conventional imprisonment, SWP participants engage in supervised manual labor to fulfill their sentences. To uphold its dedication to delivering professional law enforcement and correctional services with optimal efficiency, the agency has historically relied on a legacy.

NET 1.0 application developed in 2004. However, the aging application faced a significant hurdle with operating system upgrades, originally designed for Windows XP and struggling to adapt to evolving technology landscapes. Compliance mandates necessitating a transition to Windows 10/11 posed a challenge for the agency's IT department, compelling them to address the modernization of the application to meet current standards. Furthermore, the agency heavily depended on SQL Server 2005 as its relational database solution, but with Microsoft withdrawing support based on the Fixed Lifecycle Policy, the agency found itself in need of a specialized technology solution provider. This prompted the stakeholders to seek a partner capable of upgrading the existing SWP application, ensuring seamless integration with the latest frameworks for compatibility with Windows 10 and subsequent versions with the assistance of Public Sector IT Services.

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