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Leading consumer products company reimagines customer experience

Enabling Cloud Migration with AWS and OpenStack to Enhance Clinical Interoperability and Customer Experience

The Company 

This company is the global leader in healthcare technology, providing diagnostic imaging instruments and other technology that improve efficiency and health delivery worldwide. With its 160+ footprints across the globe, the company manufactures and markets diagnostic imaging instruments. Their products diagnose a variety of medical conditions. It also offers a comprehensive platform that improves patient care and clinical outcomes. The platform allows for collaboration among practitioners, healthcare systems, and patients.

Operation Challenges 

The customer aimed to provide better value to customers by liberating data and applying machine learning. However, they faced the following few challenges:  

  •  35% of patient cases were misdiagnosed due to lack or limited access to data, images, and records 
  • Increased costs due to poor system compatibility resulted in increased costs. 
  • The app running costs were over $40 million globally 
  • Poor customer experience due to extreme system lag. 

ACI Infotech did magic on this one too. Check how amazing the results were below.  

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