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Case Study

Deploying a Customer Portal for Enhanced Data Confidentiality



Recognized as a premier air cargo carrier with its headquarters situated in Saudi Arabia, our esteemed client operates an extensive network connecting over 800 international destinations spanning four continents through 26 domestic hubs. Boasting a robust air freighter fleet and providing cargo capacity on passenger planes, the company has consistently met the expansive and evolving needs of its clientele. In 2021, Saudia Cargo earned the esteemed title of Asia's Best Cargo Airline. 

With a rich history of setting elevated standards in customer experience and service quality, Saudia Cargo found itself confronted with security challenges within its email communication channels. Instances of hacked emails prompted the company to proactively address these vulnerabilities, leading to a strategic initiative to transition towards a more secure platform for negotiating and finalizing deals. 


The challenge faced by Saudia Cargo was multifaceted and revolved around the optimization of crucial aspects within their business operations: 

  • Inefficient Business-Client Communication: Saudia Cargo needed to streamline and enhance communication channels between the business and its clients. The existing methods for submitting Requests for Quotation (RFQs) and managing transactions were not as efficient as desired. This inefficiency potentially led to delays, miscommunications, and a lack of real-time information exchange. 
  • Complex Transaction and Document Flow: The processes from RFQ submission to invoice generation were characterized by complexity and manual efforts. This complexity likely resulted in prolonged processing times, increased likelihood of errors, and challenges in maintaining a transparent and organized document flow. Simplifying and automating these processes became a priority to improve overall operational efficiency. 
  • Data Security and Confidentiality: Safeguarding client information was a critical concern for Saudia Cargo. The nature of the cargo and logistics industry involves handling sensitive data, including contractual agreements and transaction details. Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of this information was imperative to maintain trust with clients and comply with data protection regulations. 
  • Unauthorized Access Risks: With the increasing importance of online portals, there was a heightened need to guard against unauthorized access. Preventing unauthorized users from gaining entry to the portal and potentially compromising sensitive information was a paramount concern. Establishing robust access controls and authentication mechanisms was crucial to mitigate this risk. 

In summary, Saudia Cargo faced challenges in optimizing communication, simplifying transaction processes, ensuring data security, and mitigating the risk of unauthorized access. Addressing these challenges required a comprehensive solution that would streamline operations, enhance security measures, and ultimately provide a more efficient and secure platform for business-client interactions. 

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