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Crafting A Seamless Customer Journey For A Leading Manufacturer Using Mulesoft


The client is a leading technology product manufacturer offering a wide range of products and services, including computers, portability solutions, networking equipment, software, gaming gear, peripherals, printing solutions, consumables, electronics, mobile devices, and cloud technology products. They also provide networking and cloud services. Serving a global clientele, they possess valuable insights into the diverse economies of Latin America. Their flexibility enables them to tailor their multinational approach to meet the specific demands of local markets within the region, ensuring a customized and effective strategy.


The client aimed to create a seamless customer experience by integrating back-end systems for enhanced data insights. This involved bridging back-end systems with customer-facing digital technologies to ensure a unified approach. The goal was to establish uniform sales execution and gain deeper insights into sales and colleague performance. Additionally, they sought to streamline the customer buying journey by eliminating manual processes and enhancing efficiency. Part of this transformation included the conversion of their monolithic architecture into a microservices-based architecture, a pivotal step towards achieving a more agile and scalable system.

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