Client: Professional Services Organization

Business Requirement: Application Intake and Digitization

Description: Automate Application intake/submission by patients and practitioners via various omnichannel. Applications submitted should be, digitized and then assigned to agents to work on based on availability.

Solution: Application Intake via Fax / Email/ Mail was converted as salesforce cases. The documents attached to each request were then digitized via Vidado. The digitized data was then converted to patient journey records, information was either created or updated based on various algorithms. Once digitization is complete the data is then associated with the respective salesforce case. The case is then added to the queue where agents can go in select the next available record and work on.

Business Requirement: Automated Inbound Call Routing

Description: Inbound calls should be assigned to call center agents based on the skills, client, program, and territory they support.

Solution: Every agent profile was mapped to a client, program, territory and job function. Inbound calls coming in were integrated with Salesforce via In Contact. Each call will result in the creation of an SF case. The calls will be routed to agents via In contact based on the agent profile mapping. Once a match is identified the Cal then routed the agent, if the agent accepts a case is created and sent is able to record and note all the details related to the call and associated with that respective patient or practitioner.

If agent denied the call, In contact looks for next available agent profile match and routes the call the next agent.

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