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Case Study

A Fintech Challenger Emerges as a Dominant Force in European Banking



Our client, a prominent player in Italy's retail, corporate, and wealth management sectors, stands as a key influencer with an expansive network comprising over 3,600 branches within Italy and close to 1,000 globally. While maintaining a dominant position in its core markets, the bank encountered significant competition from agile fintech disruptors, leading to a strategic reassessment of its priorities.

In response to the evolving financial landscape, the institution strategically shifted its focus towards Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) lending, placing a particular emphasis on supply chain finance. This move reflects the bank's commitment to adaptability and innovation, recognizing the importance of staying ahead in the dynamic financial services sector. By homing in on SME lending and supply chain finance, the bank not only addresses emerging market trends but also positions itself as a proactive player in fostering economic growth within Italy and beyond.


The leader of the bank's Corporate & SME department recognized the imperative for a digital breakthrough" to effectively compete with the burgeoning influence of fintech disruptors. Acknowledging this need, ACI Infotech entered into a collaborative partnership with the bank to spearhead the creation of the International Confirming platform, strategically aimed at catering to the bank's SME clientele. The development of this innovative platform was not without its challenges, as it necessitated the establishment of a robust technological infrastructure capable of handling the intricacies of cross-border transactions.

One of the critical aspects addressed in this collaboration was the requirement for seamless connectivity across the global network of the bank, guided by banking consulting firms. Achieving this demanded a comprehensive understanding of the diverse technological landscapes present in different countries, emphasizing the need for adaptable and interoperable solutions.

Moreover, the challenges extended beyond technological considerations. The successful implementation of the International Confirming platform also required a nuanced comprehension of the legal and credit accounting frameworks prevalent across the various countries where the bank operates, involving expertise in investment banking consulting. This involved navigating through regulatory landscapes, compliance requirements, and diverse financial practices, ensuring that the platform not only met the technological standards but also adhered to the legal and financial protocols of each jurisdiction.

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