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Transforming Preventive Care: AI-Enabled Behavioral Analysis in Healthcare



The customer is a prominent US Integrated Healthcare service provider with a leading name in preventive care. They approached ACI Infotech with the goal of creating an AI based system that identifies potential drug-seeking behavior by patients, alert caregivers about patients at risk, improve health outcomes and lower treatment costs.


Drug addiction not only hinders favourable health outcomes for patients undergoing treatment for other ailments but also places an added burden on caregivers, who must allocate vital resources away from other deserving patients. The costs associated with addiction treatment are notably high, with U.S. healthcare entities investing over $80 billion each year intending to those grappling with opioid dependency alone. Within a sprawling healthcare organization, the consistent identification of patients susceptible to addiction and the timely alerting of physicians is a complex challenge. In response to this multifaceted issue, our client tasked us with the mission of devising effective strategies to recognize potential drug-seeking behaviours. Our aim is to reduce the incidence of addiction and consequently curtail healthcare expenditures

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