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Mastering the Complex Billing Models by A Global Technology and Supply Chain Guru

The use of data standardization and automation to eradicate invoicing discrepancies between systems.

The Company 

This case study is about a pioneer company in system integration, provisioning solutions with options spanning the whole lifecycle of mobile devices, from point-of-sale to cloud services, and much more. They pride themselves on their customer-centric approach and ensuring that their customers always have the latest and the best. 

Operation Challenges 

Despite having such an undeniable dominance in the global market, the company faced the following challenges: 

  • Lengthy and manual billing process. 
  • Extreme system lag and communication breakdown due to the manual entry and control of the billing process, 
  • Poor user experience and user-unfriendly systems 
  • Data Disparities due to unstandardized data. 

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