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CDP: Augment CX & Value for your Customers

CDPs Explained: A Comprehensive Webinar

Siloed and underutilized data are insufficient in 2023. Learn how to use one of MarTech's most potent tools, the customer data platform (CDP), to integrate your customer data and provide visitors with a personalized and intuitive experience across any channel in this interesting webinar.  

Who It's For:  

This informative webinar is for one who wants to learn how CDPs can drive revenue through unforgettable customer experiences and unparalleled omni-channel data collection especially the CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, VP IT, VP marketing and open to all.  

What You’ll Learn:  

  • What is a Customer Data Platform?  
  • How does a Customer Data Platform work?  
  • How it’s different from other tools in your stack.  
  • Various types of CDP and its use cases  
  • How to tackle audience management challenges in a cookie-less world?  
  • Why CDP is a must to future-proof your marketing strategy?  


  • Jagannadh Kanumuri - President & CEO, ACI Infotech
  • Tushar Sharma - Chief Marketing Officer, ACI Infotech


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CDP in Healthcare: Personalizing Patient experience

The healthcare system is going through big changes and feeling a lot of pressure, especially because of the pandemic. 


Why Retail Industry Adopting CDP?

The retail industry has undergone significant transformations in response to changing customer needs, preferences, and behaviors, particularly accelerated...

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Embracing CDPs: Media & Entertainment Unlock Success

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