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Technology Partners


Unleashing the Power of GAI for Enterprises

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are becoming increasingly important as businesses reinvent themselves in the face of uncertainty and move toward a bright future. However, these businesses frequently lose their prospects of a winning streak with AI-ML due to a lack of expertise, business scalability, and an inability to discover appropriate business use cases. Use ACI Infotech’s precision, action-driven approach to implement AI-ML strategies and promote organizational success and business innovation within your organization. Our award-winning AI-ML boutique of solutions helps our clients save upto 30% across all business functions

From CEOs Desk

Transforming Enterprises through Generative AI Solutions

Explore the potential of ChatGPT's underlying technology, reshaping work dynamics and business paradigms. We specialize in guiding companies to redefine their operations, optimizing business functions for breakthrough innovation and a competitive edge. Our Generative AI services cover strategy and roadmap development, design and implementation, as well as operationalization and ongoing management. 

Initiate a comprehensive top-down transformation, reinventing every aspect of your enterprise with our Generative AI services. Empower your organization to innovate rapidly, boost productivity, and reduce costs by optimizing various enterprise functions. Discover our range of prebuilt AI solutions tailored for sales, marketing, customer service, finance, talent, legal, and more, as we collaborate to shape the future of your business.

What We Do

Transforming businesses with generative AI services, crafting innovative solutions that drive
creativity, streamline processes, and redefine industry standards.


GAI Consulting

We offer Generative AI Consulting services to help you navigate the complexities of the technology and jargon to build solutions that can boost your business growth. Our experts work with you to identify growth opportunities and design an AI transformation strategy to implement the solution. 


Model Development

We specialize in mod development, offering expertise in fine-tuning LLM models, developing code generator platforms, and leveraging OpenAI and Azure OpenAI APIs. Our proficiency extends to utilizing transformer models within private environments, ensuring tailored solutions for advanced and secure model development needs.


Design and Build Management

We offer development services using Large Language Models, Diffusion Models, and Transformer models to build solutions with state-of-the-art performance. We enable you to be ten steps ahead of your competitors. Reach out to us today to avail a no-obligation GAI technology consultation.


GAI Integration

Enabling seamless GAI integration, our team meticulously crafts generative AI integration roadmaps and detailed OpenAI integration models. These strategic implementations are designed to elevate business performance, harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology for transformative and efficient outcomes.


Custom Solutions

Crafting bespoke solutions, we specialize in customizing generative AI APIs to enhance business app functionalities. From elevating design and content creation to deploying intelligent chatbots, our tailored solutions empower businesses with precisely tuned generative AI capabilities for a seamless and advanced user experience.


GenAI Pods

Our GenAI Pods develop industry-specific solutions leveraging the power of generative AI to offer personalized and data-driven experiences to enterprises, improve decision-making processes and drive business growth. The GenAI Pods draw its expertise from its pods based in Atlanta, New Jersey, and Noida.

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